As well as acting, Caitlin is also a keen writer for theatre, television and film. She was a finalist in 2015 WriterSlam competition, in which her drama 'Old Man of the Mountain' was performed in front of a live audience and judged by representatives from BBC Drama, Tiger Aspect and Channel 4. She joined Casarotto Ramsay & Associates in 2017 and is currently working on a range of projects, including two television pilots, a feature film and splattering of short film scripts. Her pilot 'Angelus' is is a television adaptation co-created with Pat Tookey-Dickson from the 2015 stage play, and is currently in development with The Forge. 

Work in progress...



'All that you see or seem, is but a dream within a dream' - Edgar Allen Poe. 

A comedy drama for television that follows the daily life of Laura, a woman struggling to keep afloat in London whilst battling with dream reality confusion. 



Written in co-collaboration with Pat Tookey-Dickson. 

A TV drama following the lives of siblings Michael, Jason and Suzanne as they discover each other and reconnect in later life after being adopted by different families.  Now reunited after 35 years, they uncover the tragic events that led to their separation as children.  

Currently under option by The Fyzz Facility



A co-creation with Pat Tookey-Dickson.

Abandoned by their own kind, two angels must learn to adapt into the human world in order to survive. 

Set in contemporary London, angels Io and Daniel try to discover why they’ve been abandoned, all the while running for their lives from a dark underworld of fallen beings.

Currently under option by The Forge


Lady Bareknuckles

A blood splattering period drama. 

A TV series that follows the life of Elizabeth Stokes, first female bareknuckle boxing champion of London during the 18th century. The series is gritty and colourful exploration of the underworld of female boxing in the Georgian era, following Elizabeth Stokes as she becomes the first female Champion of Europe.

Blud Party.jpg

Blud Party

A short comedy horror. 

A frat party of vampires enjoy a night in, enticing a gullible Pizza Delivery guy into their lair. However, as the night proceeds, this unsuspecting human sacrifice proves to be the life and soul of the party. 

The script is currently looking for development funding.

Mad aboutDumplings.jpg

Fortune Cookie

A short comedy about paranoia....

Three friends enjoy a meal at a Chinese Restaurant, but when a fortune cookie arrives with a strange message, one high profile guest suspects that his life may be in danger...

Fortune Cookie is a short film that studies the notion of tension and paranoia all in a short space of time. The script is ready to go into production, and is seeking finance to be made later in the year. 

do all thingswith love-2.jpg

I Apologise for being dead.

'I Apologise For Being Dead' is a theatre play about the life of Jennie Hodgers, aka Albert Cashier, an Irish woman who enlisted and fought in the American Civil War under the disguise of a male soldier.  A play that focuses on the life of a woman fighting in a war, the political climate for an immigrant during the 18th century, and the early forms of transgender.  

The play is currently in it's writing process and will go into rehearsal late 2018 before it's first preview in London...


Previous work




A theatre play produced by Rum and Monkey Productions

Two angels go on the run from God having stolen his most prized possession. Arriving in an unknown location and meeting a filth encrusted pervert, they quickly learn the error of their ways and find that escape from this 'place' is impossible. However, with the entirety of creation at their fingertips, the angels begin to 'edit' the course of history in order to save their own skins, despite the catastrophic consequences. 

The play had a sell out run in London before it's premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 where it received 4* reviews. 

'This is a world class performance and should be played to much larger audiences for much higher prices. Take the opportunity while it lasts to see this writer's work before it's impossible to get a ticket. And if people have any taste at all, that won't be long. This is what Black Mirror would be like, had Charlie Brooker decided to dip his toes into the waters of fantasy.' - Old Red Lion Review 2015

'Angelus is a very funny comedy that has a brain behind it, willing to ask big questions but able to make them entertaining at the same time. It succeeds at creating a fascinating world I’d love to visit again.' - Broadway Baby Fringe Review 4*